Department of Microelectronics
Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad


Saloni Varshney


Ph.D. Thesis: ASIC Implementation of low power, variable resolution ADC.
Research Interest:VLSI Design, Low Power ADC converter.

Chandra Shekhar Gautam

Ph.D. Thesis:Design and Implementation of a wake-up receiver for wireless sensor networks.
Research Interest:RFIC, Wireless Sensor Networks, FPGA, Defected Ground Structures and Micro-strip Antennas.

Preetam Suman

email: preetam.suman@gmail.com
Ph.D. Thesis:Event detection using acoustic signal pattern recognition
Research Interest: Network, WSN, Neural Network, Signal Processing

Savita Maurya

email: mauryasavita5@gmail.com

Ph.D. Thesis: Fabrication, Characterization and Reliability study of Atomic Layer Deposited HFO2,a High-k Gate Dielectric for next generation MOS Technology.
Research Interest: VLSI Fabrication, Reliability Study of MOS Devices, XRR characterisation, MEMS, Basic device physics.

Ashwath Rao


Ph.D. Thesis: Effects of radiation on High-k⁄Si interface properties.
Research Interest:Microelectronics, VLSI.

Gajendra Sharma

email: rs118@gmail.com
Ph.D. Thesis: Detection of tree falling and vehicle movement in forest.
Research Interest: Acoustic Signal Processing, Biomedical Instrument

Akanksha Bansal

Ph.D. Thesis: Surface Passivation properties of C-Silicon Solar cells.
Research Interest:VLSI Technology, MEMS, Photovoltaics

Anush Bekal

email: Anush.bekal.in@ieee.org
Ph.D. Thesis:Low power design of an 8-bit asynchronous SAR ADC using 180nm CMOS technology
Tools and Software Using:Cadence Virtuso, H-Spice, LT Spice, Mentor Graphics Design Compiler Tanner EDA, VCS,.
Research Interest: Analog IC Design, Analog VLSI Design, Mixed Signal Design, Digital Design, VLSI Circuits

Joyline Germine D'SA

email: dsa.joyline@gmail.com
Ph.D. Thesis:Stress induced degradation in sputtered ZrO2 thin films on Si for nanoscale applications
Tools and Software Using:Cadence, Keithely SCS-4200,Silvaco, Tanner, Xilinx
Research Interest: VLSI Technology

Prashant Singh

email: psingh3688@gmail.com
Ph.D. Thesis:.......
Tools and Software Using:MEMS Pro, COMSOL Multiphysics, SILVACO TCAD
Research Interest: Basic Electronics, Semiconductor Materials and Devices, VLSI Technology, Digital Electronics